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Post-natal Hydration in Oxford

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Dehydration is the root of many conditions people experience daily. The right amount of hydration positively affects your skin, sleep, energy levels, and so much more. It’s also important to be aware of the issues dehydration can cause, like headaches, constipation, poor stamina, among other health concerns.

While everyone should drive to get their daily dose of hydration, sometimes it feels nearly impossible to drink enough water with your busy schedule. Other liquids you consume, like coffee, can dehydrate you and impact your ability to get and stay hydrated. One of the best ways to get hydrated, fast, is a Hydration IV in Oxford at Revive Wellness Clinic of Oxford.

Post Natal Hydration


What it Treats

Replenish Vitamins
Poor sleep

Treatment Length

Up to 2 hours


18 years or older

Why try a Post Natal Hydration IV in Oxford?


Immediate Relief

Our patients love the benefits and immediate effects of nutritional IVs. You'll immediately feel the results.


No Downtime

There is no recovery period necessary after your postnatal hydration treatment.


Supports Health

Get the vitamins and minerals you need to bounce back and help your body get the hydration it needs. 

You can feel and look better!

We recognize that there is no magic cure to reverse aging, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t age better! Revive Wellness will help you reach your goals through our noninvasive therapies in our newly renovated facility. We want to help you look and feel better!

A woman receives a treatment at our medspa in Starkville

The Hydration IV Process

What to Expect?


Before your treatment with a Revive Wellness Clinic of Oxford Postnatal Hydration in Oxford, you may choose to meet with a provider for a consultation. We will discuss your goals and expectations with this treatment and establish realistic outcomes to determine that this IV best fits your needs.

Postnatal Hydration IV Treatment

We will ensure you are relaxed and comfortable in the treatment chair before placing the IV into your arm. Patients read, watch TV, or simply relax to pass the time as the IV product works its magic. Our Post Natal IV therapy contains B-complex vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and Vitamin C.


Most clients feel immediate effects. You may leave feeling more energized and ready to take on the day.


It’s important to review all instructions from your consultation before your appointment for a Hydration IV in Oxford:

  • Your Revive Wellness Clinic of Oxford provider reviews your personal health concerns and explains detailed instructions during your pre-treatment consultation.
  • Review any instructions before your IV appointment, and wear the appropriate clothing for easy arm access and comfort.


To get the most from your Postnatal Hydration in Oxford, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Keep your arm elevated and apply an ice pack if bruising or swelling occurs at the injection site.
  • Drink 1 to 2 16 oz. glasses of water after treatment.
  • Allow your body to rest if you feel tired.

Frequently Asked Questions

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