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Our population is aging, and people are living longer than ever before. Whether it be sexual dysfunction, hormone imbalance, wrinkles, or increased fatty tissue in those unwanted areas, we have several solutions that can help you.

Revive Wellness has been able to help many clients from young adulthood and beyond. Our goal is to help men and women of all ages who are motivated to look and feel their best.

We do not consider ourselves as an alternative to medicine but rather an adjunct to go along with it. While many wellness clinics and med spas have little to no medical supervision we take pride in having 2 medical doctors and 2 experienced nurse practitioners to ensure that you are treated in the safest manner possible.

All of our treatments that we offer have passed our test to provide because of good medical data that backs up its benefits. We want you to get what you pay for!



A Newly Renovated Boutique Clinic

Revive Wellness Clinic is a Medical Spa in Oxford, conveniently located in the center of town, immediately adjacent to Oxford Urology Associates on South Lamar Blvd.

This building underwent exterior and interior updates last year to provide our patients with a hassle-free, easy check-in process with minimal wait times. We understand as paying customers, you don’t deserve to wait!


The Problem with Modern Times

Dr. Joshua Griffin had been in Oxford as a full-time urologist when he began noticing more and more of his patients were struggling.

He became interested in hormonal imbalance in men and women and started offering replacement therapy to his affected patients; the difference this made in their lives had a profound impact on him, and he began looking at other methods to help these patients.

In time, this practice grew to the point that there was a need for more space. Thus in 2021, Revive Wellness clinic medical spa in Oxford was opened. With the expansion into this facility, he was able to offer additional treatments, including shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction, hydration therapy, botox, and body sculpting.

Our Values


Our staff comes to work every day looking forward to seeing the difference we are making. We also acknowledge that some of our treatments can be sensitive subjects that may be awkward to discuss. As urology-trained personnel, we are very capable of helping our patients talk about their problems.


Most of our staff can empathize with our clients, as we all, to some degree, suffer from body image appearance, hormone imbalance, and sexual dysfunction. We at Revive treat our clients as patients who are to be treated with respect and never made to feel ashamed about their problems.


We stress to our clients that our approach is very much individualized and don’t believe that any 2 people are the same. We encourage clients to let us know if they are unhappy so that alterations in the treatment plan can be made.


Dedicated Professionals

Our team at Revive consists of doctors, nurse practitioners, estheticians and function nutrition specialists who always have you in mind.

We all strongly believe in our mission to help patients look and feel their best. Everyone on the Revive staff has also engaged in our treatments and thus is able to personally share their experiences and what to expect. We strongly feel that to support our patients, we need to understand on the deepest level how they can affect your body.

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