Why You Should Consider Revive for Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Starkville

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Emsella, a sleek Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Starkville

Urinary incontinence is a bigger inconvenience than most people might think. You’re unable to hold in your urine, but there’s more to it than that.

When you laugh, sneeze, or exert yourself in any way, you run the risk of losing control of your bladder. This isn’t an issue you ever thought you would have to deal with, and now that you’re struggling with urinary incontinence, you feel ashamed. You don’t want to have to worry about changing your pants during a fun night out with your friends.

But it isn’t hopeless. You don’t have to deal with a leaky bladder forever. You can try urinary incontinence treatment in Starkville, and we believe that Revive Wellness Clinic is the best place for it.

A Urinary Incontinence Solution

Emsella is a revolutionary urinary incontinence treatment in Starkville. This treatment is noninvasive and easy to use. Emsella is designed to strengthen your pelvic muscles, so you have increased bladder control.

After a few treatments, you won’t have to spend your time worrying about the distance to the nearest bathroom. You can feel more secure and present in your daily life.

But more about how the treatment works a little later. For now, let’s dive into a little more about who we are.

Revive Wellness Clinic

Revive Wellness Clinic is the perfect place to receive urinary incontinence treatment in Starkville.

Revive is a medspa located in Starkville, Mississippi. Our clinic was designed to prioritize patient satisfaction. We understand that life can leave you feeling unsatisfied with your body. Maybe you’re struggling with sexual dysfunction, urinary continence, or aesthetic conditions such as wrinkles.

Revive Wellness Clinic, a great choice for Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Starkville

Either way, we have treatments available to help alleviate those problems and more. Life is too short to feel unhappy with the way you look. But thanks to the miracles of modern aesthetic technology, you can treat your conditions and live the confident life you’ve always deserved.

More About Our Team

We’ve hired a capable team. Our practitioners are trained in several different kinds of aesthetic treatments. But they’re not just skilled aesthetics professionals; our team members have all tried one of our treatments for themselves.

We think this demonstrates just how confident we are in our treatments and each other. We know that these aesthetic procedures can have a positive effect on your life, and we believe that so wholeheartedly that we’ve done the work ourselves. If you’re interested in urinary incontinence treatment in Starkville, this team is more than capable of making it happen.

With an issue as sensitive as urinary incontinence, you’ll need a group of people who take this treatment seriously. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by urinary incontinence, but that doesn’t mean we won’t take the matter seriously. We’ll handle your urinary incontinence treatment with the utmost discretion and care.

The Consultation Process

If you’ve decided that you’re interested in receiving an Emsella treatment at a Revive Wellness Clinic, then you’ll need to complete a consultation. This is a necessary element of all our treatments at Revive, because we don’t believe in prescribing treatments that a patient doesn’t actually need.

We want to do our due diligence, so we will thoroughly review your urinary symptoms through a detailed history prior to receiving treatment in Starkville. We’ll also complete a physical, so we can get a good idea of your body’s current condition.  We do sometimes find that due to different causes of bladder leakage, you may benefit from other treatments.

A woman arrives for a consultation about a Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Starkville

Fortunately, Dr Joshua Griffin, one of our medical directors, is a board certified urologist and can help in some of the more complex or severe cases in deciding which treatment would benefit you the most.  From there, if we decide that you could benefit from Emsella, we’ll schedule your treatment as soon as possible.

The Numbers Behind Urinary Incontinence

We want to reiterate that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about needing an Emsella treatment.

Urinary incontinence is an extremely common ailment in the United States. In fact, according to Johns Hopkins, over 25 million Americans struggle with urinary incontinence. So you’re in good company.

Now that you know a little more about us and urinary incontinence, allow us to explain how Emsella works and why our clinic may be the perfect choice for your procedure.

The Emsella Treatment

Unlike our other aesthetic treatments, Emsella is not a pill, surgery, or injectible. Emsella is a chair. Yes, you read that right: for Emsella to work, you need to sit on it! This is because Emsella works by delivering high-intensity focused electromagnetic, or HIFEM, energy directly to your pelvic floor.

This HIFEM energy actually induces muscle contractions, which provides the same results as a lengthy pelvic floor workout. Now, it’s technically possible to strengthen the pelvic floor with traditional exercise, but unfortunately, these exercises are precise, complex, and difficult to complete correctly.

This urinary incontinence treatment in Starkville lasts just 28 minutes, so it won’t eat up your entire day. Feel free to shut your eyes and relax as the procedure works to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

There is no downtime following the Emsella procedure, so as soon as the treatment is complete, you can head back to work and go about your day normally. We do, however, recommend a series of treatments to see best results.  Typically six sessions is the average that our patients undergo to get the full effect.  Think of this as a workout plan, you don’t get results with just one trip to the gym!

The Aftermath

After your treatment, you may be feeling a little confused about what’s next. How can you best maintain your results? When should you schedule your next treatment? How do you know if this treatment is working? Don’t worry; we don’t leave you in the dark after your urinary incontinence treatment in Starkville.

A woman meets with one of our team members after a Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Starkville

Once the treatment is complete, we’ll unpack everything in a short post-treatment debriefing. We won’t eat up too much of your time. We’ll just let you ask any questions you may have so you can feel more comfortable in the days following your treatment. We’ll also schedule any further treatments you wish to receive.

Reach Out About Emsella Today

Does Revive Medical Clinic seem like your best choice for urinary incontinence treatment in Starkville? Are you excited about the positive effect Emsella could have on you and your life? Then complete a virtual consultation.

Our custom virtual consultation tool is a short form on our website. This tool will prompt you to answer some general questions about your health and condition. This questionnaire is quick and easy to fill out. It provides us with the necessary information to get your treatment plan started as soon as possible.

Also, if you have some more questions about the Emsella treatment, we’ve got you covered.

So if you’re tired of dealing with your loose bladder, then take some steps to rid yourself of urinary incontinence. We can’t wait to get started.

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