Common Questions About Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Oxford

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Emsella, a top choice for Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Oxford

Common Questions About Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Oxford

Urinary incontinence can be a huge issue, and you’ve decided to do something about it. You’re tired of packing an extra set of underwear and worrying if the wrong laugh will cause an accident. You want to schedule a procedure for urinary incontinence treatment in Oxford.

But there’s just one simple problem: You have no idea where to start. You’ve never had to schedule a urinary incontinence treatment before, so you’re not sure what your best options are. 

How can you get an effective treatment and be sure that you’re not being taken advantage of? At Revive Wellness Clinic of Oxford, we’re here to help. We can answer all of your questions about the Emsella chair, a top solution for urinary incontinence.

Who are you?

First things first, let’s discuss who we are. We’re Revive Wellness, a top-of-the-line medical spa located in Oxford, Mississippi.

You may be wondering, with so many medical spas across the country, what makes us stand out? We are committed to the patient every step of the way. We’re not interested in quantity over quality. Some clinics would rather see a hundred customers a day than take their time to ensure that the treatment is perfect.

Revive Wellness, a great place to schedule a Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Oxford

That’s not us. If you come to us for a urinary incontinence treatment in Oxford, then you can expect a high quality of care.

How does Emsella work?

Urinary incontinence—or more specifically, stress incontinence—can be caused by many things, but one of the most common reasons for a lack of bladder control is weak pelvic floor muscles. When the pelvic floor muscles are weak, the body loses its ability to control functions like urination. Because of this, the Emsella is designed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

The Emsella chair emits a specific kind of energy: high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. This energy causes contractions in the pelvic muscles, simulating a high-intensity workout. You can do kegels without even standing up.

Does Emsella hurt?

The second some of our patients hear about the Emsella process, they get a little nervous. They’re concerned that stimulating their body with HIFEM will cause pain. After all, how can a treatment that stimulates your muscles be pain-free? But you may be surprised to learn that Emsella is actually totally painless.

A patient tries Emsella, a top choice for a Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Oxford

This isn’t to say that the sensation of the treatment is completely unnoticeable. But many patients report that it actually feels like a mild, comfortable tingling. Emsella gets you the results you’re looking for without any prominent irritation.

How long does the treatment take?

We get it—you’re a busy person. And most people can’t afford to spend their entire day at the doctor’s office. You’ve got work, school, and/or kids to take care of! Luckily, you won’t have to worry about killing several hours in the Emsella chair. The treatment itself only takes around 30 minutes. 28, to be precise.

Of course, you won’t be in and out in exactly 28 minutes. We’ll have to check you in, and we’ll also give you a final chance to ask your questions and go over your concerns. Once the treatment is complete, we’ll check in with you to see how you’re feeling and see if you want to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Does this treatment require any preparation?

While the preparation for Emsella is minimal, there are a few minor things you should do to ensure that your Emsella treatment goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Wear light clothes. We do want you to be as comfortable as possible during the Emsella treatment, but heavier, baggier clothes may lessen the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Discuss any known health conditions during the consultation process. While Emsella is a safe procedure, certain conditions may cause problems during treatment.
  • Do not have any metals on your person during the Emsella treatment. This includes watches, phones, and credit cards.

What does recovery time look like after Emsella?

Unlike some other treatments, this urinary incontinence treatment in Oxford requires exactly zero downtime. You won’t even need to take the rest of the day off. Thanks to Emsella’s nonsurgical and noninvasive methods, you’ll feel ready to take on the world.

You may immediately notice a difference in your bladder strength. Better still, these results are long-lasting. You may see reduced levels of urinary incontinence for up to a year after your treatment.

Will I need multiple sessions?

That depends on the person. We don’t like to prescribe anyone a treatment that they don’t need. But if you find that your results aren’t as prominent as you were hoping, you could receive additional maintenance treatments.

A woman returns for a second Emsella treatment: the top choice for Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Oxford

Given that the Emsella procedure only lasts about 28 minutes, it won’t take too much additional time to see the results that you’re looking for. Talk to your practitioner once your treatment is complete and ask if they recommend any further sessions.

Does Emsella have any further uses?

There are other uses for Emsella aside from treating urinary incontinence. If you’re struggling with problems in the bedroom, a session on the Emsella chair can help. Strong pelvic floor muscles can help improve stimulation and sensation. You can kick a boring sex life to the curb with a trip to the Revive Wellness Clinic.

Can I use Emsella if I’m pregnant?

Unfortunately, no, Emsella is not a great choice for pregnant patients. But if you’ve already had a child and still struggle with urinary incontinence, you can try an Emsella treatment with no fear of adverse consequences.

Try Emsella for Yourself

Hopefully, you’ve now had some of your questions answered. Now that you know more about the Emsella process, you can learn why Revive Wellness Clinic is the perfect place to schedule your urinary incontinence treatment in Oxford.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to urinary incontinence, then why not consider trying our virtual consultation tool? It’s a custom-made online tool designed to make your Revive experience that much easier. Just answer the provided questions about your condition, and then we can build out a custom treatment plan just for you. Try it today.

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