Say Goodbye to Shaving With Laser Hair Reduction in Oxford

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You can do all the work necessary to look your best, but it’s a continuous journey. Even if you take care of your skin, work out, and dress nicely, there will always be something else to do. For many of us, shaving is part of our everyday self-care routine. But shaving is a hassle. Humans have been trying to perfect the razor for years, but it’s still far from perfect.

The blades are expensive, they dull quickly, and, when used incorrectly, they can be a bit dangerous. We’ve all gotten careless and cut ourselves shaving. And no one wants to walk around with shreds of paper towel hanging from their shaving injury! Cut out this annoying part of your routine with laser hair reduction in Oxford.

A Solution to Shaving

With laser hair reduction at Revive Wellness Clinic, you’ll have an effective, long-lasting solution for unwanted hair. You can get smooth, hairless skin fast, without having to worry about all of the inconveniences that come with shaving. We’ve done our research to find a laser hair reduction tool that’s adaptable.

We didn’t want to offer a treatment that wouldn’t work for anyone who needs it. So if you’re looking for a treatment that’s easy, convenient, and effective, hear about our choice for the best device for laser hair reduction in Oxford.

Our Mission

Revive Wellness Clinic is more than just a medspa in Oxford, Mississippi. We started this clinic because we saw a need in the general public.

Many people understand that they should prioritize self-care, but they have no idea where to start. In this hustling and bustling world, most people don’t take any time for themselves. So we decided to make the process easier for everyone.

A place for A tool for Laser Hair Reduction in Oxford

We’re so committed to this process that we even run an exclusive blog with tips and resources for better aesthetic care.

We designed the Revive Wellness Clinic to be a healthy mix of soothing and professional. We want you to feel relaxed once you step through our doors, but you can still rest assured that our team is a qualified group of medical practitioners.

Our Team

When we hire a new Revive team member, we’re sure to educate them about our core values. At our clinic, the patient is always the priority. We want to get to know each and every person who comes through our doors, because this work can be sensitive.

You’re coming to us hoping to treat your aesthetic concerns. Depending on the treatment you had in mind, we may be working to address one of your insecurities. As a result, we want to handle every treatment with compassion and empathy.

We do our best work when you trust us, so we’ll take the necessary steps to ensure every one of our patients feels comfortable and confident in their treatment.

The Problem With Shaving

At first, some people might not see why shaving is such a problem. It only takes a few minutes—is it really such a difficult task? But a lot goes into shaving, especially if you want to take care of your skin while you do it.

When you shave, you’re not just cutting hair—you’re actually shaving off a layer of skin, too! Many people shave every day, especially if their hair grows particularly quickly. But shaving every day doesn’t allow your skin to heal, so you should consider shaving every other day instead.

Therein lies the problem; if you want a clean-shaved look, then you can’t afford to wait. So do you have to choose between a cleanly shaved face and healthy skin? Absolutely not! You can try laser hair reduction in Oxford.

Our Preferred Laser Hair Reduction Method

Because we’re committed to helping our patients practice self-care, we knew we needed to offer them a laser hair reduction option. We’ve seen for ourselves how obnoxious the shaving process is, so it was important to us that Revive had a solution. So we got to work researching all of the laser hair reduction options available for medical spas.

We didn’t just want to pick the first hair reduction device we came across. We compared them against each other, discussing which would offer the most advantages for our patients. And we found that device in the form of the Elysion Pro.

Why We Chose Elysion Pro

Adaptability is important to us at Revive. Regardless of the industry, advertisers like to market their products as a universal solution. They’ll argue that it doesn’t matter who you are, their product will work for you! But human beings are diverse, and what works for one person may not work for another. That’s why we love Elysion.

It doesn’t claim to offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it uses multiple different wavelengths to treat different skin types. This is a machine that can change to fit the patient.

When we meet with you to schedule a treatment for laser hair reduction in Oxford, we’ll conduct a simple physical exam, which will allow us to calibrate the treatment to you specifically.

How does Elysion Pro work?

The Elysion Pro is what’s called a diode laser device. Diode laser reduction uses different wavelengths of energy to target pigmented hair follicles and interrupt hair growth.

For the FDA to classify a treatment as laser hair reduction, it must mitigate the regrowth of hair following the initial procedure. The Elysion Pro has been approved by the FDA, which means that it has shown to prevent hair growth.

How many treatments does this require?

When people schedule a treatment for laser hair reduction in Oxford, they want the process to be simple and over with quickly. Luckily, the Elysian Pro doesn’t require endless treatments.

If you want to see long-lasting, effective results, we recommend scheduling 6 to 8 treatment sessions. These sessions are simple, quickly resulting in noticeable effects. We didn’t want our patients to trade one inconvenience with another.

What’s the point of giving up shaving if you’re going to have to spend countless hours in a treatment chair? But with just a few Elysion Pro sessions, you begin to see the machine’s prominent effects.

Is the hair reduction permanent?

The effects of hair reduction can vary from patient to patient. The human body is a complicated machine, and a lot of factors can affect the efficacy of a hair reduction treatment.

A woman examines her skin after for Laser Hair Reduction in Oxford

That being said, if you do see hair regrowth following treatment with the Elysion Pro laser hair reduction in Oxford, you don’t have to worry. This process changes both the appearance and texture of regrown hair for the better.

You can expect hair to appear lighter in color. It will also be finer, meaning that any regrown hair will appear less noticeable on the surface of the skin.

Does laser hair reduction hurt?

One of the other major advantages of the Elysion Pro is its high-tech approach. This treatment for laser hair reduction in Oxford uses cooling technology to make the process easier on both the patient and the practitioner. But if you’re worried that this will have negative effects on the treatment results, worry no longer.

The Elysion Pro is both smooth and effective, so you don’t have to sacrifice results for a more convenient treatment process. We don’t think you should have to undergo a difficult, in-depth procedure for hair reduction.

Which areas of the body can Elysion Pro treat?

You may be surprised to learn that the Elysion Pro can treat any part of the body! That’s right— although some laser hair reduction treatments are designed with a specific part of the body in mind, the Elysion Pro is a utilitarian device.

So if you’re absolutely sick of shaving your bikini area before you head to the beach, laser hair reduction in Oxford can help. Or maybe you’re tired of shaving your legs and armpits when you’re just trying to take a quick shower. Throw away that old shower razor, because the Elysion Pro works on armpits and legs, too!

We don’t want you to have to make compromises when you schedule a laser hair reduction appointment at our clinic.

Can men and women use the Elysion Pro?

Absolutely—anyone can stand to benefit from laser hair reduction in Oxford. Some men might not consider reducing hair on their arms or legs, but others might prefer that smooth, bare look. 

There are also places that men might have trouble shaving. If you or a man you know has trouble shaving their back, then they might want to consider an Elysian Pro treatment.

Men won’t have to struggle with peeking over their shoulder at the bathroom mirror, hoping that they won’t accidentally nick their back in the process of shaving.

At Revive, we think everyone deserves the chance to feel confident in the way they look. So if you’re a man or a woman who wants to say goodbye to their daily shaving struggles, you should consider booking an appointment for laser hair reduction in Oxford. 

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Life is too short to stress about inconsequential things like shaving. If you’re like many people all over the country, this short, daily chore causes more discomfort and stress than it’s worth.

So stop stressing and get rid of your razors with laser hair reduction in Oxford. But if the idea of an Elysion Pro treatment is something you might be interested in, how can you schedule your own treatment?

Take a look at our virtual consultation tool. It’s a custom online form that allows you to get started on the treatment process from your own computer. Just answer all of the questions to the best of your ability, and we can see if this treatment is right for you. It only takes a few seconds, so don’t wait.

And if you’d like to know more about what we do, feel free to check out our frequently asked questions page! We’ve done our best to anticipate and answer any questions you might have about what we do.

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