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Your Guide to Body Contouring

Body contouring almost sounds too good to be true. Can you really sculpt your figure to look and feel the way you want it? Do body contouring treatments actually work?

At Revive Wellness Clinic, we offer body contouring treatments as well as several other services to help you look and function at your best. Our body contouring in Starkville focuses on reducing fat and building muscle, giving you functional as well as aesthetic benefits.

It’s not always clear from a quick internet search what exactly body contouring is or what it can accomplish. Today, we’re here to dispel some common myths about body contouring, explain the difference between various contouring treatments, and explain how body contouring can help you feel strong and comfortable in your own body.

What can body contouring do?

The purpose of body contouring is to improve your body shape by improving muscle tone and skin texture. There are many factors that can cause drastic changes in weight distribution and skin health. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Hormonal changes, including menopause
  • Decreases in mobility
  • Diet and/or lifestyle changes

Body contouring can encompass several different treatments, including fat reduction, muscle building, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction. However, not all body contouring treatments are created equal.

Popular Body Contouring Treatments

There are several types of body contouring treatments you may have heard of. The important thing to consider when you are choosing a treatment for body contouring in Starkville is what exactly you want the treatment to address.

A couple popular body contouring treatments and their primary objectives include:


Coolsculpting’s main objective is fat reduction. Specialized paddles are applied to the treatment area, which emit a cold temperature deep into the skin to destroy fat cells.


The main objective of Morpheus8 is to reduce the presence of scars, wrinkles, and other causes of uneven skin texture. Morpheus8 uses a combination of microneedling and radiofrequency to strengthen and smooth the skin through increased collagen production.


Exion is designed to improve skin texture and reduce excess fat. Exion achieves this through a combination of radiofrequency and targeted ultrasound technology––breaking down fat cells and encouraging collagen production.

Emsculpt NEO

The purpose of Emsculpt NEO is to build muscle and reduce fat. Emsculpt NEO employs radiofrequency and high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to break down fat cells and build muscle by inducing muscle contractions.

What Body Contouring Cannot Do

It is important to note that no body contouring treatment is a treatment for weight loss; however, body contouring treatments like Emsculpt NEO can help those who have lost a significant amount of weight rebuild lost muscle mass and reduce remaining fat deposits.

Why We Chose Emsculpt NEO

At Revive Wellness Clinic, we noticed a need in our community for treatments that were focused on helping people live well and feel at home in their bodies. When we decided to add body contouring to our offerings, we immediately chose Emsculpt NEO because of its versatility and its ability to provide our clients with outstanding functional results in addition to aesthetic value.

Therapeutic Value

Emsculpt NEO’s muscle building capabilities extend its purpose beyond simple body contouring to also give our clients functional gains.. Emsculpt NEO increases muscle mass by an average of 25%.

Increased muscle mass from Emsculpt NEO has helped our clients who use body contouring in Starkville improve their posture, mobility, and overall strength. We have been able to use Emsculpt NEO as an effective rehabilitation method, especially for back injuries.

How Does Emsculpt NEO Work?

Emsculpt NEO makes use of two different technologies—radiofrequency to break down fat cells, and HIFEM to build muscle. These frequencies are emitted through paddles placed on the desired treatment areas.

A treatment session lasts just 30 minutes, and within that time, Emsculpt NEO is able to induce 20,000 muscle contractions. This is how Emsculpt NEO is able to build up so much muscle mass over the course of just a few sessions.

At the same time, the heat from the radiofrequency is working on breaking down fat cells, which will then be flushed out by the body’s natural processes. Emscupt NEO reduces fat by 30% on average.

Treatment Areas

Emsculpt NEO is able to treat several different areas on the body that are often difficult to target with exercise. These include:

  • Abs
  • Love handles
  • Flanks
  • Glutes
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Calves

Emsculpt NEO gives visible tone and definition to these areas by reducing pockets of fat and strengthening muscles.

If you also want to work on strengthening your pelvic floor, we often pair Emsculpt NEO with Emsella. This strengthening device, also created by BTL, treats urinary incontinence and can help to improve sexual function.

Lasting Results

When we put together your treatment plan for body contouring in Starkville, we will recommend a certain number of treatments based on your goals. Typically, this will be between 4 and 6 treatments over the course of several weeks.

Many clients start to notice results immediately after their first treatment. However, you will want to complete your full treatment plan to get full, long-lasting results.

With proper maintenance, a continued exercise routine, and a healthy diet, you can sustain the results of your Emsculpt NEO treatment indefinitely.

“When I decided to add Emsculpt NEO to our services at Revive Wellness, I quickly realized that the benefits are not always about ‘the perfect six-pack’ or ‘impressive biceps.’ While we certainly see this in our patients, what I have been excited about the most is the ability to improve function through muscle strengthening. We have had patients with chronic back issues, weakened abdominal muscles after pregnancy with hernias, and deconditioned muscles after weight loss treatment. From that standpoint we have helped people not only look better, but more importantly feel better and have a more active lifestyle that can hopefully have a long lasting impact on their health.”

-Dr Joshua Griffin, @therevive_md

Begin Body Sculpting With Emsculpt NEO Today

Ready to begin your body contouring in Starkville? Our Revive Wellness team can’t wait to help you achieve a trim figure you can feel confident about. But we don’t want you to just love your results—we want you to feel confident throughout every step of the process.

All of our treatments begin with a consultation. We take this time to get to know you and the unique goals, struggles, triumphs, and desires that go into your relationship with your body.

Together, we will create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses your needs and maximizes your results. We offer several treatments focused on helping you age gracefully, and feel comfortable and happy in your body at every age.

You deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your body. Age, changes in hormone levels, a slower metabolism—there’s no need to let any of that get in the way of you and the body you want to live in. Try our virtual consultation tool, or schedule an appointment with us today to find your body contouring solution.

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